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Feed Conveyor Specifications

The 12' Feed Conveyor is designed to give continuous feed to your Gold Claimer concentrator for high production and profits. Its self contained trailer with tail lights & a transportation length of 9' makes it the most portable conveyor on the market. The unique design also includes a rear hitch to enable a Gold Claimer to be towed behind.

Simplicity is the key for setting up your 12' Feed Conveyor! Place the unit where you want it & raise the front so that the back leg is on the ground. Remove the pin so that the front leg swings down and replace the pin. Fold out the front portion of the conveyor. Bolt the motor on the mount, slide it into place & install the B-width belt. Position the Gold Claimer in place with the hopper under the head pulley of the Conveyor & you're ready for operation!

The Grizzly is 4.5' by 4.5' and the bars are spaced at 2". Some customers prefer smaller openings which can be done. The hopper has an adjustable feed door to control the material flow. The standard belt feed is set at 100' per minute and the speed can easily be changed faster or slower by simply changing the throttle position or pulley.

12’ Feed Conveyor designed to last, so be first with gold claimer brand!!!

- Even feed @ 100 feet per minute
- Chain Drive, 12 inch X 12 foot, 2 ply Rubber Belt
- Honda air cooled engine
- 14 GA Steel Construction
- Trailer Mounted
- Folds down to 9 ft. Long for transportation
- 4 ft. X 4 ft. (3/4 cu. Yd.) Steel Hopper w/belt flashing and feed control
- Rock Grizzly w/ 2" openings
- For use w/ skid loader or other loader
- 12' Long X 4' 7" Wide
- Weight:  900 Lbs

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